2021 International Conference on Smart Transportation, Energy and Power (STEP 2021)
Prof. Minghui Hong



Prof. Minghui Hong 洪明辉教授

National University of Singapore,Fellow of Singapore Institute of Engineering 新加坡国立大学,新加坡工程院院士

Speech Title: Laser Applications on Railways

Abstract: Laser is playing a more and more important role in our advanced manufacturing. Being as fast as light, it provides the maximum speed allowed for rapid optical sensing and data commination. Being as accurate as light, it offers a reliable means to fabricate tiny micro/nano-devices. Being as colourful as light, it serves as the basis for optical imaging and industrial process real-time monitoring. The unique properties of laser are achieving varieties of innovations and bringing about plenty of new opportunities. In this talk, the beauty of laser will be highlighted. Its potential applications in railway industries will be showcased with a few recent research activities being carried out in Optical Science and Engineering Centre, National University of Singapore: (1) Laser cleaning to remove rusty, paint or oil etc. contamination layers, (2) Laser peening to harden metal structures for better anti-corrosion performance, (3) Laser texturing to create color marks and super-hydrophobicity on metal surfaces, (4) Optical imaging and laser diagnostics to detect cracks on and inside steel structures as well as (5) Laser spectroscopies to sense gas leakage and oxygen depletion at a high speed in remote mode.  


Minghui Hong, a member of Academy of Engineering Singapore, a tenured full professor, a Ph.D. supervisor, and the founder of Phaos Technology, is currently the Director of the Center for Frontier Research and Technological Innovation and the Director of the Center for Optical Science and Engineering at the National University of Singapore. He serves as an Honorary Professor of Central South University, a Distinguished Visiting Professor of Xiamen University, a Researcher of Haixi Institutes and a Visiting Researcher of the Institute of Optics and Electronics, Chinese Academy of Sciences. He is also OSA Fellow, SPIE Fellow, IAPLE Fellow as well as IES Fellow. Prof. Hong is a renowned scholar and leader in the field of laser optics. He has long been engaged in research on laser micro-nano processing and inspection technologies, and has carried out international leading level research work in laser micro-manufacturing, laser cleaning, laser welding and optical inspection.

He has published more than 450 papers in leading international journals such as Chemical Reviews, Nature, Nature Nanotechnology (also featured in journal front page), Nature Photonics (research highlight), Light: Science & Applications, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials and ACS Nano. He has co-authored 15 monographs, and holds 42 US, German and Singaporean patents, of which 24 patents have been granted and 2 have been industrialized. Prof. Hong is the Executive Editor of Opto-Electronic Advances, an SCI-indexed English journal selected by “the Project for Enhancing International Impact of China STM Journals” and Editor-in-Chief of high-level academic journals such as the International Journal Light: Science & Applications (Nature journals), Scientific Reports (Nature journals), Engineering, Journal of Laser Micro/Nanoengineering, SCIENCE CHINA Physics, Mechanics & Astronomy (in English and Chinese) and Physics (or Wuli in Chinese). In addition, Prof. Hong was also awarded the ASEAN Outstanding Engineering Achievement Award, IES Prestigious Engineering Achievement Awards, and the Service to Education Award by the Ministry of Education, Singapore.


洪明辉,新加坡工程院院士,现任新加坡国立大学前沿研究和技术创新中心主任,以及光科学与工程中心主任、终身正教授、博士生导师,新加坡光技术(Phaos Technology)有限公司创办人,同时担任中南大学名誉教授,厦门大学杰出访问教授,中国科学院海西研究院卢嘉锡海外客座研究员以及中国科学院光电技术研究所客座研究员等。他也是美国光学学会会士(OSA Fellow),国际光学工程学会会士(SPIE Fellow),国际光子和激光工程学会会士(IAPLE Fellow)和副主席,新加坡工程师学会会士(IES Fellow)和副主席。洪明辉院士是激光光学领域的著名学者和领军人物,长期从事激光微纳加工及检测技术研究,在激光微制造、激光清洗、激光焊接及光学检测等领域开展国际领先水平的研究工作。

他已在Chemical Reviews, Nature, Nature Nanotechnology (also featured in journal front page), Nature Photonics (research highlight), Light: Science & Applications, Nature Communications, Nano Letters, Advanced Materials 和 ACS Nano 等国际一流学术刊物发表450余篇论文,合著15部专著,拥有42项美国、德国和新加坡专利,其中24项已获发明授权,2项已经产业化生产。洪明辉院士是《光电工程》(1974年创刊)和“中国科技期刊国际影响力提升计划”入选英文期刊Opto-Electronic Advances (SCI收录)执行主编,国际期刊Light: Science & Applications(自然子刊)、Scientific Reports(自然子刊)、中国工程院院刊Engineering、Journal of Laser Micro/nanoengineering、《中国科学:物理 力学 天文学》(中英文)和《物理》等高水平学术期刊的编委。洪院士曾获“东盟杰出工程成就奖”、新加坡工程师学会“权威工程成就奖”和新加坡教育部教育服务奖。