2021 International Conference on Smart Transportation, Energy and Power (STEP 2021)
Prof. Shanyong Zhang



Prof. Shanyong Zhang 張善勇

Southwest University 西南大学

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Speech Title: Advances in CrCoNi-based medium-entropy alloy coatings. (CrCoNi中熵合金塗層的進展)

Abstract: This talk reviews new advances in high/medium entropy alloys coatings, focusing on the combat with strength-ductility trade-off. Introduced ultra-strong nanostructured CrCoNi medium-entropy alloy coating, and discussed interface strengthening + Metastability engineering to develop hard yet tough CrCoNi-based medium-entropy nitride coating


Professor Sam Zhang Shanyong(張善勇), FRSC, FTFS, FIoMMM, better known as Sam Zhang, earned his Ph.D. degree in Ceramics in 1991 from The University of Wisconsin-Madison, USA. He was a tenured full professor at Nanyang Technological University Singapore. Since January 2018, he joined School of Materials and Energy, Southwest University, China. He serves as the founding and current director of the Centre for Advanced Thin Films and Devices (http://fmae.swu.edu.cn/s/fmaenew/yjzx/).

Prof. Zhang’s research covers Energy Films and Coatings, Biological Materials and Hard Coatings. He has published 13 books and over 360 peer reviewed international journal papers with 31.3 citations per article and h-index: 56 and total citation of over 11,000 times as at 31 Oct 2021. (https://publons.com/researcher/2817766/sam-zhang/). His Materials Characterization Techniques has been adopted as core textbook by more than 30 American and European universities. His recent books were published at CRC Press in October 2020: Sam Zhang (ed),Materials for Energy, and in August 2021: Protective Thin Coatings Technology and Functional Thin Films. Currently Prof. Zhang is working on 3 new books to be published next year: “Materials for Devices”, edited by Sam Zhang, to be published by CRC press, 2022, “Materials in Advanced Manufacturing”, edited by Yingquan Yu and Sam Zhang, to be published by CRC press, 2022 and another 4-volume “Materials for Energy Handbook” in Chinese to be published by Chongqing University Press, 2022 (張善勇(Sam Zhang)編著【能源材料手冊】,重慶大學出版社,2022 )


張善勇(學術姓名Sam Zhang)教授, 英国皇家化学学会会士/英国材料学会会士/国际薄膜学会会士Prof.Sam Zhang FRSC,FTFS, FIoMMM .1982年獲東北大學材料學學士學位。1984年獲北京鋼鐵研究總院材料學碩士學位。1986年就讀於美國威斯康星大學麥迪遜校園,1991年獲美國威斯康星大學材料學博士學位。1991年8月入職新加坡南洋理工大學。2006年升任終身正教授。2009年入選中組部第三批千人計劃專家。张教授2007年入选英国材料学会会士(FIoMMM),2018年入选英国皇家化学学会会士(FRSC)和国际薄膜学会会士(FTFS)。2018年一月張教授辭職南大,加盟西南大學材料與能源學部,組建【新薄膜材料與器件研究中心】並任中心主任。 目前張教授個人的研究集中在以下這個方面:納米材料硬質薄膜與塗層以及能源薄膜/太陽能電池。截至2021年10月31日科學網上查到張教授的文章360篇,被引用11,000 多次, 平均每篇引用31.3次, 赫許因子: 56。